• Systems Integration
  • eCommerce strategy and deployment
  • Data auditing / conversion / migration
  • Process automation
  • IOT Product Development


Consulting for information systems, eCommerce and data migration. Instructor of Information Systems.

I am currently an instructor at Clarkson University where I teach software development. In addition to my teaching and research I develop turnkey software solutions for a number of companies. Projects range from ecommerce suites to small middleware applications. Originally I'm from Connecticut and have attended Clarkson University in New York for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I hold a masters in information technology and a bachelors degree in supply chain management and information systems.

  • Showcases

    In 2008 I began building inventory management and showcasing web applications for a number of businesses in Connecticut. Many are still in use today.

  • Twenty2

    Twenty2.net enters the planning phase. An ambitious eCommerce application with many modules, Twenty2.net required a great deal of planning and data normalization.

  • Embedded design

    A number of needs and opportunities allowed me to combine my existing analog circuit design knowledge with digital electronics and embedded software for research.

  • Industrial Data

    I take on projects involving syncing industrial data. Most projects involve data sources producing over 1.5 million rows of data per month requiring new design considerations.


    A growing need for AACSB metric management software allowed me to take on creation of the first iteration of the "CAMM" web application for Clarkson University.

  • Instruction

    I was asked to teach several classes at Clarkson University. This opportunity has allowed me to share my experience in the field while also receiving feedback from students who enter other parts of the business and IT industry.

  • Clearpath Metrics

    CAMM becomes Clearpath Metrics. The web application currently holds accreditation metrics for dozens of classes and instructors.

  • Publications

    While instructing at Clarkson I publish several papers in the Chemistry and Electrical engineering fields with colleagues. In 2013 I presented our IEEE publication in Alberta. In 2014 I co-authored 2 papers in chemistry journals for my electronics contributions.

  • Marketplaces

    Marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba continue to gain market share and change the normal supply chain. I have begun building several integration solutions to connect modern marketplaces to legacy ordering and inventory systems. This approach saves clients the time and money required to replace functioning legacy systems, while leveraging the selling power of online marketplaces.

  • Big Data

    I continue my teaching career in data analytics. Focusing on the beginning of the ETL process, I use Python and web services to process large data sets. The course, Big Data and cloud computing gives a practical overview of web services, Python, Hadoop and AWS with a hands on approach.


Database, ETL and software design instruction for the undergraduate and graduate level at an AACSB accredited university.

Turnkey solutions

Custom, minimal software to do just what your business needs.

Product line placement

Strategies on how and where to sell a product family. Process analysis to reduce workloads when getting your products out the door.

Wide spectrum

I love to learn about new businesses. Contact me to help you connect A to B.

Steps we take

working process in 3 steps


Let's discuss your end goal. Organization? Sales? General guidance? Consider where changes will put us in the future. Over the phone or in person we can get your goals down on "paper".

Current Process

What is your current setup? Who are the players in this process? We'll look at technical challenges as well. No need to make changes unless there is a clear potential for improvement.


With an iterative approach let's set in motion the agreed changes. One component at a time we will test and verify any process or software changes to make sure surprises are at a minimum. Looking back, we can evaluate our results.


thirty one of my publicly available projects.


I travel quite a bit. Please contact me by phone or email.